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our weekly prayer list plus let us know how we can be praying for you this week

Prayer List-October 2, 2022 *the prayer list is updated every Friday*

Peyton Barker

Jerry Bullard

John Carrier

Dave Clark

Brian Connatser

Peggy Dickens

Joyce Hall

Geegee Hillman

Rebecca Loudermilk

Alan and Jane Anne Moor Donna Necessary

Nell Newman Louise Pack

Jim Perry

Angie Phipps Dianna Robertson Paulette Sells

Pat Smith

John Stein

James Tester

Linda Vicars

Barbara Watson

Mark Wingate

Phyllis Arwood - Brookdale #320, Bristol, VA Ron Cross - The Waters, Bristol

Martha Dooley - Brookdale Assisted Living, JC -Mother of Lynne Barker Glenda Harkleroad - NHC - Niece of Jean Burnett

Barbara Morrell - Brookdale Rock Springs #307, Kingsport

Wilene Penley - The Waters, Bristol

Edna Shelley - Mother of Robynn Wingate - American House

Cora Trent - Former Member - Asbury, Steadman Hill

Randy Tucker - Son-in-law of Linda Bowery - Healey Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, W. Palm Beach Seymour Ray - Heart - Principal of Bristol TN Middle, friend of Adam Sells

Jay Strickland - Heart - friend of Adam Sells

Carol Mueller - Stroke - Friend of Bill and Carolyn Harness

Stan Royston - Hospice Care - Friend of Trish Maness

Gary D’Amico - Lung Cancer - Friend of Shelley Martin

Jenny Steele Miller - Daughter of JoAnn Steele

Betty Cavanah - Former Member - recovering from a fall

Tami Worsham - Sister-in-law of Jonathan and Rita Worley

Caitlyn Ball - Leukemia - Friend of Sara Morelock

Bob Lily - Cancer - Friend of Larry and Lynne Barker

Christian Lee - Motorcycle Wreck - Friend of Larry and Lynne Barker

Keegan Townsend - Mass on Liver - Neighbor of Marlene Spears

Vicky Rust - Hospice Care - Daughter-in-law of Brenda Rust

Ernie Wilburn - Dementia - Uncle of Judy Crusenberry

Sharon Poskas - Cancer - Cousin of Joyce Hall

Mark Glover - Leg and Vein Problems - Son of Nancy Glover

Shirley Brooks - Problems with Pancreas - Sister-in-law of Lillian Edwards

Christie and Connor Graves - Daughter and Grandson of Jean Burnett

Sue Booher Mumpower - Sister-in-law of Fred Bridwell & Friend of JoAnn Steele

Justin Dyer - Grandson of Fred Bridwell - Cancer

Faye Williams - Friend of the Kirk Family - Lung Cancer

Larry Jones - Neighbor of Rickie Goodman - Cancer

Melvin Jennings - Friend of Rickie Goodman - Lung Cancer

Tonya Ponder - Daughter in-law of Pam and Dan Walters - MS

Dr. Emrick Whitfield - U.S. Army

Jerry Hayter II - US Navy - Grandson of Mattie Chambers

Curtis Miller - U.S. Army - Son-in-law of JoAnn Steele

2nd Lieutenant Mark Edwards - Stepson of Lillian Edwards

We believe prayer makes a difference. How can we pray for you this week?

Let us know using the form below or call the prayer line at 423-323-1640.