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Prayer List-June 6th, 2021

The Family of Gary Tankersley

Dwight Kirk - BRMC #3014

Peyton Barker

Tom and Patti Besco

Paul Bivens

Hugh Bowman

Shirley Carrier

Brian Connatser

Johnny Dickens

Velma Glover

Bob Gose

Molene Helms

Kenneth Hobbs

Nancy Horton

Bobbie Hyland

Trish Maness

Barbara Mellons

Barbara Mobley

Emma Sue Mobley

Nell Newman

Bonnie Scott

Glenn Seabolt

Paulette Sells

Gerda Simard

Pat Smith

John Stein

Linda Vicars

Barbara Watson

Kaye Whitt

Phyllis Arwood - Brookdale #320, Bristol, VA

Dave Clark - NHC Bristol

Ron Cross - Christian Care

Ralph Loving - Husband of Cyndi - Christian Care

Marie Lowrie - Brookdale Assisted Living - Sister-in-law of Jean Burnett

Barbara Morrell - Wexford House, Kingsport

Wilene Penley - Viviant Healthcare, Bristol, TN

Edna Shelley - Mother of Robynn Wingate - Elmcroft Assisted Living

Randy Tucker - Son-in-law of Linda Bowery - Healey Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, W. Palm Beach Cindy Wheatley - Neighbor of Ada Addington - Home following Surgery

Larry Horne - Friend of Phyllis and Fred McCamy - Multiple Health Issues

Rhonda Ellis - Daughter of Sandy Stein

Lisa Robinson - Friend of Donna Hales and Stephanie Moore - Cancer

Cora and Family - 12 year old friend of Shelley Martin - for Healing

Sue Booher Mumpower - Sister-in-law of Fred Bridwell & Friend of JoAnn Steele

Justin Dyer - Grandson of Fred Bridwell - Cancer

Faye Williams - Friend of the Kirk Family - Lung Cancer

Larry Jones - Neighbor of Rickie Goodman - Cancer

Melvin Jennings - Friend of Rickie Goodman - Lung Cancer

Christie and Connor Graves - Daughter and Grandson of Jean Burnett

Jean Worley - Aunt of Jonathan and Rita Worley - Recurrent Cancer

Rocky Clark - Cousin of Pam Hubbard & Friend of Margie Price - Lung Cancer

Tonya Ponder - Daughter in-law of Pam and Dan Walters - MS

Dr. Emrick Whitfield - U.S. Army

Jerry Hayter II - Grandson of Mattie Chambers - US Navy - Cuba

2nd Lieutenant Mark Edwards - Stepson of Lillian Edwards - Mideast

Curtis Miller - Son-in-law of JoAnn Steele - Afghanistan

At First Baptist, we believe prayer makes a difference. How can we pray for you this week? Let us know using the form below or call the prayer line at 423-323-1640.